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Why cycling in Romania?

Cycling in Romania, two brothers & two friends
Dear cyclist, think of Romania as being a diamond which is waiting for you to polish it! To a bike tourist, this the most beautiful gem of all, the most surprising and exciting place to ride on two wheels.

With its immensely diverse landscapes, rich culture, all kinds of amazing people, Romania is slowly and steadily luring the cyclist to experience the unforgettable adventures to be had within its borders.

On the bike you feel the thrill of life. The pure one! The smell of the fresh reaped crops is delighting your nostrils, the wind is carefully cooling the sweat of your smiling face, while the embracing silence is disturbed only by the sound of your tires rolling on the asphalt. And then, in the evening, you find yourself glancing at the marvellous sunset-rosy Carpathians. And you breathe in, again, with all that your lungs can take.
Cycling towards the Saxon churches of Transylvania
With a bike, you can pass next to a basket full of fruits, on the side of the road, and while admiring them, a villager is inviting you to taste and maybe buy some of them. You realize how delicious and perfumed the fruits are when just picked from the tree. You will want now to replace your hometown fruit market with that villager's orchard. 
While soaring through the sun-soaked vineyards you stop for a while and sip from a clear glass of wine, a magic potion born from the very land you biked in all day. It can be the well-known Dealu Mare, or Vanju Mare-Orevita, or maybe Murfatlar. Either way, one thing is certain: you will want another glass!

And now that your heart received the well-deserved fuel, you challenge yourself to climb Transalpina, the highest altitude road in the country. It's an ascent to the alpine pass and to your inner conscience as well. Sweaty, teeth-clenched and muscle-stretched, you reach the top of the mountains, at around 2200m, but it's like the top of the whole world. And, despite the pain and the fatigue, you smile and feel alive!  
A friendly and welcoming forest in Tarnava Region
Then, the night might catch you on a village, somewhere in Apuseni Mountains. You don't even need to ask twice if somebody knows for a place to sleep around, because you find a friendly villager who is eager and proud to invite you to be the guest of his family for the night. Even if he doesn't know a perfect English, he tries to be the best possible host and share everything he has with you. This is why you will be treated with the most welcoming local peasant warmth and be invited to taste the most delicious dinner you can remember having lately.

So prick up your ears, keep your eyes wide open, be prepared to be handled the diamond, let yourself admiring and valuing it as you should, because Romania is waiting to be discovered by you and your two-wheeled faithful companion!

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  1. Romania looks like a wonderful place to cycle. It definitely looks like a hidden gem from what I can gather from the pictures. This will be next on my places to visit. Thanks for sharing.