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Cycling Romania is eager to offer full support for cycling tours in various magnificent regions of Romania. There is a set of standard trips, but they can be customized as well. Your cycling guide can't wait to help you discover the quiet rural life of Transylvania, the wild Carpathian Mountains or the surprisingly beautiful surroundings of the Danube River.
Cycling in the nature
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  1. Hmmm... Das ist very cool, I'm thinking of booking a tour myself :)

  2. Cum rezolvi problema cazarii in tara ? Asta pe mine ma tine pe loc si ma limiteaza a ma invarti in jurul Bucurestiului.Mi'ar place sa o iau prin tara...

  3. Help!...

    My friend is going to cycle in Romania for 140km without a helmet this Friday.

    Can you refer me to a website in Romania where he can buy a helmet?


  4. @HOLO Water: Sorry, I saw your message too late. Nevertheless, here's a good bike shop for accessories:

  5. @D: Puncte de cazare se gasesc in cele mai multe dintre zone. Totul e sa se potriveasca tematicii fiecarui tur organizat, din punct de vedere al arhitecturii si al dotarilor