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Scouting trip at Dealu Mare, a famous Romanian wine region

Today I did a bike trip to check a part of 'The Wine Cellars' Route, in Dealu Mare region. I covered less distance than what I first had in my mind, especially due to having no GPS with me. The direct result of that was that I got lost in the nearby woods, at Varbila. It was fun though, 'cause that oak forest is special to me and over there it was so quiet, so peaceful! 

After finally finding a forest trail and following it (even with bike pushing sectors), I managed to reach the vineyards on the hills close to Urlati. And then the pain started: a red, sticky mud made my Bisisica to choke almost all the time. She didn't like the riding surface and neither did I. I did only 65 km, although I aimed to 100. At the end of the trip I was quite exhausted, but very pleased with what I saw.
Reaching Seciu Wine Cellar

1. Great asphalt roads from Bucov to Boldesti - Scaieni, to Pleasa and to Plopu.
2. Chitorani - Pleasa - Boldesti - Seciu is definitely a must have for the final itinerary. A challenging 3 km climb to Seciu, through beautiful hilly vineyards 
3. Breathtaking scenery right after leaving Seciu. The road is perfect.
4. The forest from Varbila to Urlati needs more investigation, with a GPS. It has potential for both bike touring and MTB cross contests.
5. The wine cellar at Seciu is in excellent condition and can host a lunch serving and wine tasting. The panorama from up there is unique!
6. The hills west from Urlati have rather poor dirt roads. Impossible to go there during the raining periods.



  1. Hi - Do you know if there is a way to get to the Seciu wine cellar via public transport from Bucharest? Are there other vineyards/wine villages along the way to check out? I won't have a bike so it will be all on foot.
    Can't seem to find any info on this.

  2. Hi there. You will need first to reach Ploiesti Sud (South Train Station). From there you can take a bus to Boldesti-Scaeni ( Boldesti you can reach Seciu Wine Cellar. I drew a superb walking route for you, from Seciu to Urlati, mostly through hilly forests. There are about 25 km of walking though You can shorten your trip if you take a bus from Harsa to Urlati, but I cannot find a bus schedule. In Urlati there are two wine cellars to visit, Urlateanu and Basilescu, please let me know if you want to visit them and I'll talk to the admins. From Urlati you will find regular buses to Ploiesti If any more questions, please ask