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The surprise of a villager

Today I went to explore a region next to the vineyards of Dealu Mare. I was about to follow my intended route when I saw a very nice narrow road, recently asphalted. I went up almost all the time, following sinuously the curves of the hills. The scenery opened in front of my eyes while I was joyfully continuing until the road would end. At the top of the hill there was this village, with this special, authentic touch... Silence was all around me! I felt my heart beats quite clear, because in my mind ideas were about to bloom. A cycling route through this place would kill for the thrill! 
Reach the top and get the reward!
Anyway, at some point I saw a lady guarding a cow and its small baby. Later on she told me that the calf was only ONE DAY OLD. It was very cute and charming, I have to admit. 
A kid of only one day old...
The woman couldn't decide if she was more surprised to see 'a stranger' coming in the middle of nowhere, or having the fortune of seeing a freshly asphalted road for the first time in seventy years of life. When I told her I want to bring tourists over there, on bike, she told me: 'Oh, there, sonny boy, please bring some people as you say, so that us, the elders from here, will finally see some new faces around'.  
Will do ma'am, will do...
...and the promised reward: a mighty panorama

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