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Wild forest at Monteoru

Today I wanted to check the route going north from Sarata Monteoru. I discovered great new asphalt roads, beautiful villages and a very picturesque forest trail, with more than 10 km long. Ciolanu Monastery and the Sculpture Camp at Magura are also impressive.

Besides all this, me and Dan witnessed a wild boar's fast retreat, right after spotting us on the road. It was the first time when I saw such wild beast at a considerable size (about 250 kilos, I assume). We heard that the region is full with wild boars, deer and recently discovered jackals. At the end of the day we admired a large owl flying gracefully over our heads. 
Enjoying the forest road close to Monteoru
Pros: the scenery, the wild touch of nature

Cons: the enduro moto-cross contests that are usually done in the region; result: bad rocky road when climbing from Monteoru to the top of the hill


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