Feel the nature, next to your guide, on adventure, enjoy the ride!


Here are some biking experiences of our friends:

Rupert Wolfe Murray - Journalist & PR Advisor, from Edinburgh, UK
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Thanks for organising this... I really enjoyed it. I've done loads of bike tours before but always on my own. This is the first time I've done it with a group and I loved it - but that's because you were very careful to choose the best people in Bucharest. They were all great. The route was amazing too, and just the right pace for our abilities.
Rupert cycled on The Four Saxon Churches Road

Catalina Miciu, Bank Comunicator, from Bucharest, Romania
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I'm a city girl, actually, but I wanted to experience riding in the countryside. It was a great experience - meeting new people, exploring my physical limits, seeing the great landscape. I would do that again, if there are no hills involved :). And Mircea is such a great guide - always there with explanations and moral support - 50 km aren't that little! Definitely an experience to be repeated.
Catalina cycled on The Four Saxon Churches Road

Ana Maria Reategui, from Lima, Peru & Tim Manning, from Massachusetts, USA
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Tim and I had a FANTASTIC time! Thanks to Mircea for organizing such a great bike tour with fun people! It was a fascinating way to see the countryside of Romania, we really enjoyed the route, visiting towns, churches and talking with some locals. It was an enjoyable bike adventure!
Ana Maria and Tim cycled on The Four Saxon Churches Road

Gonzalo Saldias, from Santiago, Chile

It was a wonderful trip and one of the best weekends I've had in a long time thanks to all of you and especially Mircea for putting it all together so nicely. What a fascinating group and I sincerely hope to see you again.
Gonzalo cycled on The Four Saxon Churches Road

Rares Cosmin Mesu, Psychiatrist, from Sibiu, Romania

I cycled next to Mircea in many bike trips, in Romania and in other countries as well. I know he was preparing this bike touring project for a long time. He's not only a bike trips professional, but also a great friend. I am looking forward to our next biking adventures.
Rares cycled on The Glory From The Mountains Route