Feel the nature, next to your guide, on adventure, enjoy the ride!

Your guide

I’m Mircea and I’ve been cycling for over 10 years. That’s half my life. I’m still on my bike sometimes, even when I’m not working, especially when I need some disconnection from the rest. So you’ll find me on the road most of the times. That’s where I learned how much I love turtles, seabirds, young fir trees, the morning grass, the afternoon grass, the smell of nature in its most peculiar ways, Belgium with its medieval small cities, enthusiastic Dutch biking culture, vélo-lovers worldwide, and most of all, rare Romanian places with their incredible people. Right now, I’m in Bucharest and I’m working on this project for as long as I’ll feel as enriched and dedicated as I do. I’m predicting it's going to be quite a while. Otherwise, I’m a civil engineer and designer, did my studies in Bucharest (Romania) and Delft (The Netherlands), worked in Rotterdam and came back home. Home is actually where I’m the best of myself. That can be Romania or anywhere where I find people like you, who share my passion for adventure, cycling, wild nature and rural places.

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